Tomato Pole Green Zebra Organic Seeds

Tomato Pole Green Zebra Organic Seeds

Lycopersicon lycopersicum (hybrid)

Item #3143

75 days from transplanting. Indeterminate.
A breeder's work of art! (Read the story inside the packet.) When we asked tomato growers which varieties to add, Green Zebra kept coming up because of its excellent flavor and unique color-rich, golden green with forest green stripes. Very smooth skin essentially free of cracks. Tennis ball?sized at about 3" and 3oz. When a green tomato ripens, it will soften and develop a slight amber blush. Provide support for vines that reach 6' or more.

This packet yields approximately 24 plants when started indoors.

Seedling Image

Days to Emerge:
5-10 days

Seed Depth:

Seed Spacing:
A group of
3 seeds
every 24"

Row Spacing:

When 2" tall
thin to 1
every 24"

When to sow outside: Recommended for mild climates only: 1 to 2 weeks before average last frost and when soil temperature is at least 60°F.

When to start inside: RECOMMENDED. 6 to 8 weeks before average last frost. Provide adequate light to produce sturdy plants.

Harvesting: Harvest tomatoes when fully colored and firm. About 1 month before the average first fall frost, clip all blossoms and any undersized fruit off the plant. This will steer all the plant's remaining energy into ripening what's left. If you have a lot of unripe tomatoes near the end of the season and a frost is approaching, pick them and store them indoors in a single layer away from direct sunlight to ripen.

Artist: Carolyn Crawford

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