Bee Happy Seed Collection

Bee Happy Seed Collection

Assorted Genera and species

Item #4516

A collection of flowers to attract and nurture bees in your garden.

Have you ever noticed how many different types of bees there are in your garden? There are around 4000 native species of bees in the U.S.! In the home garden alone you might see small blue mason bees, green iridescent bees, black bees with wings like stained glass, leaf-cutter bees, and bumblebees. They are all important for crop pollination, and fascinating to watch in action. If you would like to support your local bee population, and "hire" more bees to work inside your garden, be sure to avoid using pesticides, and plant a wide variety of bee-friendly flowers and flowering herbs, such as the varieties in this collection. "Bee" sure to plant some near your vegetables to draw more bees to pollinate your crops.

(A) Bachelor Button Dwarf Blend Organic (2 Grams)
(Pt) Bee Balm (50 Mg)
(A) Borage Organic (1 Gram)
(P) Hyssop Lavender (250 Mg)
(P) Lavender Hidcote Dwarf (35 Seeds)
(A) Sunflower Lemon Queen Organic (2 Grams)

A=Annual P=Perennial Pt=Tender Perennial

*Please note that substitutions may apply

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Bee Happy Seed Collection


Item #4516

61.95 grams

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