Edible Flowers Collection

Edible Flowers Collection

Item #4597

More than just good looks, edible flowers add a range of flavors to salads, soups, and cooked dishes, and also make delicious herb butters, vinegars, and flavored drinks. The culinary possibilities are endless!

(P) Chives (1 g)
(P) Hyssop Lavender Hyssop (250 mg)
(A) Nasturtium Jewel Blend (3 g)
(P) Viola King Henry (200 mg)
(A) Viola Sorbet XP Select Blend (30 seeds)
(P) Tarragon Mexican (250 mg)
(A) Borage (1 g)
(A) Bachelor's Button Tall Blend (2 g)

(A=Annual P=Perennial)

*Please note that substitutions may apply

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